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Gorfactory: A great customer service oriented company Gorfactory: A great customer service oriented company

Leading brand in promotional and advertising sector

Specialists in custommade productions and collectives
Specialist in the production of promotional items.

Leading brand in promotional and advertising sector.
Marca 1
Sportswear, clothing and accessories.
Marca 2
Specialists in custommade productions and collectives
International logistics capacity
Four logistics hubs at customer service wherever you are.
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Making-of Roly
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Sports experts: We know that not all good athletes wear Roly, but we do know that those who wear Roly are good athletes, and as this is something that we keep very much in mind, we invite you to discover our new Roly Sport identity, your selection of clothing sporty. Every year we create different models in different fabrics, shapes and types so that you can find the right one for the exercise and sport you want to practice.

The latest in workwear: At Roly we have created a new identity. We present Roly workwear where you can find all the garments you need to do your job in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Specialized garments according to sector so that you always find what you are looking for. With the new accessories and garments of each season. Our experts work every year on the Roly workwear collection to make the best shirts, pants and accessories. Created to make your work easier.

Introducing Roly ECO, our new brand even more environmentally responsible. Natural or recycled fabrics that give garments greater social responsibility. Not only with the environment, but with the entire manufacturing chain. “
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  • Get to know us!

    Gorfactory is a company from a small town in Murcia that was born in 1985, focused on textile marketing at a national level. In 1997, the Roly brand emerged, specializing in Casual textiles. New collections are launched every year, innovating in products and materials, becoming......

  • Reduction of 10.500 tons of CO2 emmissions per year

    At Gorfactory we fight against global warming with the plantation of more than 60.000 trees during the last 4 years. Tree planting is a useful weapon to fight against climate change, in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Reforestation is not only about planting but watering,......

  • Committed to the environment

    On 12th December 2015, 197 countries signed the Paris Agreement, which central aim is to strengthen the response to the threat of climate change by limiting the global temperature increase to 1,5 degrees Celsius in the coming centuries. In Gorfactory we care about the environment,......

We are a company committed to the textile sector, quality and service













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