Gor Factory | 10 reasons Roly
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10 reasons Roly


Technology and innovation are our reason for being and our support to provide the best service every day.



From our logistics network in Spain, Europe and South America, we reach any delivery destination, with the best delivery timing of the sector. From our warehouses in Murcia, Madrid, Canary islands, Eslovenia…we stablish with our clients and partners the best synergy, for all to be successful.



The best and latest technologies in automation logistics processes, provide us the ability to prepare orders in the shortest possible time.



The strength of our company, our brand and our product, necessarily involves investing Gorfactory in stock, a whole rising value and firm commitment, which gives strength to all those who collaborate with our brand and validate the service commitment that every day we have with all companies and professionals of the sector.



To guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, our sales team strives to give all our clients and partners a personal and personalized service, making available all their experience, professionalism and kindness.


Every year we expand the means to support the needs of our clients, with better and new technologies in our web shop, new platforms for Smartphone, information improvements and communication about our products, innovations, improvements, changes…putting in the hands of our sales team tools to facilitate, improve and optimize any sales and after sales management.



Because process efficiency and efficient transmission and effective use of information, is another value that we put to move forward together every day, on a solid base, to build a lasting business relationship and confidence.



Because the highest quality is the least we can offer you, ROLY brand is the result of over 25 years of experience in textile production, ranging from choosing the best fabrics and raw material, the design of pattern making by the best designers, and the construction of the garment through a comprehensive quality control, both during the production and prior to storage.



The goal is to always maintain the highest standard of quality, the only one that can carry the ROLY label. Look for ROLY label and get client satisfaction.



We are firmly committed to the future of the environment, therefore we develop all our activities with the strictest respect fo the environment and human rights. For that we have established a global social and environmental management system to ensure a sustainable practice, and allows us to offer only environmentally friendly products.