Gor Factory | Reduction of 10.500 tons of CO2 emmissions per year
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Reduction of 10.500 tons of CO2 emmissions per year

25 May Reduction of 10.500 tons of CO2 emmissions per year

At Gorfactory we fight against global warming with the plantation of more than 60.000 trees during the last 4 years.

Tree planting is a useful weapon to fight against climate change, in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Reforestation is not only about planting but watering, above all during the first years, protecting trees from infestations, frosts…In a few words, to do everything possible to help them grow into adult trees.

Other benefits of tree planting, apart from fighting against climate change, are the following:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Trees produce oxygen
  • Air purification
  • Reduction of ground temperature
  • Help maintaining the rivers clean
  • Reduce greenhouse effect


The “greenhouse effect” is the process by which part of the heat emited by the earth’s surface is retained and reflected by certain gases present in the atmosphere, preventing the progressive cooling of the earth. Without the presence of these gases, life as we know it would be impossible, as the heat emitted by the planet would dissipate into space, producing extremely low temperatures on earth. Amongst these gases we can find carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane, mostly produced by factories, agriculture, cattle farming and fossil fuel burning.

The industrial development reached by our planet has meant an increase of 30% on the concentration of these gases since the previous century, which limits the capacity of nature to balance the concentration of those gases on the atmosphere. Amongst all these gases, CO2 is the most relevant due to its effect over the climate conditions of the planet, as it is a long-lived gas, which means that it remains active in the atmosphere during a long time. Thus, for instance, from all the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, over 50% will take 30 years to disappear, 30% will continue active during several centuries and the remaining 20% will last a few thousand years.

Carbon dioxide plays an important role on plants, as it is essential in their growth and survival. Consequently, tree planting can help save the planet from the consequences of climate change.

Between 2017 and 2020 Gorfactory has planted 16.000 trees in the region of Murcia. And so this year 2021, we are intended to plant 47.000 more (amongst endemic and fruit trees).

Even if their carbon absorption capacity may vary, it is considered that 6 mature trees store 1 ton of CO2 a year. Our environmental initiative would compensate 10.500 of CO2 tons a year approximately.

A small gesture, one great step for climate change