Gor Factory | FAQ
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Who do I have to contact in Gorfactory?

Once your account has been opened and authenticated we assign a sales assistant, who will always attend you to manage your orders or resolution of any doubt.

Is the color of this garment the same as the brand image of my client?

The sales assistant responsible of your account will clarify the PANTONE code of the garment, to know if it is the same as the brand image of your company or your client’s company.

What size is the most appropriate for me?

The dimensions (length and width) of all our products can be found in our catalogue. Besides all the information of sizes and measures could be always present in the data sheet. To know which is most appropriate size, measure a garment you already have and find the size that corresponds to these measures.

Are two items of different composition will have the same color?

During our production process we use the same shade of color for all products of our catalogue in order to try to unify the most of the shades. Thus, the only difference would be to change the material.

What are the benefits by processing orders through the extranet?

Our shop on-line, or extranet, is a tool created to facilitate the Customer, inmediately, on-line, and 24 hours, the resolution of any questions that may arise during the request of the order and the processing of the same. This way you can place your order at any time of the day, check stock in real time by reference, see price list, product specification, check your account, invoices, backorders, etc…

What happens if I have questions to start using the extranet?

Call your sales assistant, it will help you to process your first order, giving indications and appropriate explanations. In addition, we will send these indications in writing, so that you have close to you, in case you need them.

What happens if I need to look for products for a specific color for my client?

In our on-line catalogue www.roly.eu you can do this kind of consults. Just select the color you need, and you get a list of all products from all sections of the Roly catalogue with that color. You can also contact your sales assitant, who will help you to find the best option.