Gor Factory | ROLY
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Our brand Roly, is one of the most recognized brands in the European market in the promotional textile sector, transmitting all our intangible values supported by our excellent vocation of service and seriousness. Only a great brand that has been constructed by the time, looking for the best designs and the most suitable materials, can rely on the loyalty of our clients. Thanks to a great brand like Roly and a great company as Gorfactory, it is possible to reach the excellence in the service, the quality and image.

Roly offers a combination of values, feelings and attitudes that go beyond the conventional, offering a great variety of fabrics, designs, colours and our commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients.



CASUAL SUMMER: Collection made of summer season products as polo shirts, basic t-shirts and vests.

CASUAL WINTER: Products of winter season like long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and winter clothes (fleeces, soft shells, parkas).

SPORTS: Products with specifics designs and confection for the sport like technical t-shirts, sports sets, shorts, swimsuits, sports bags, footballs, thermic t shirts, etc.…

WORKWEAR: Collection for workwear, work pants, trousers shorts, shirts, etc.…

SCHOOL: Section for School uniformity made of skirts, jumpers, tracksuits, sweatpants and other suggestions, etc.

ACCESORIES: Caps, scarves, aprons, etc.