Gor Factory | Get to know us!
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Get to know us!

09 May Get to know us!

Gorfactory is a company from a small town in Murcia that was born in 1985, focused on textile marketing at a national level.

In 1997, the Roly brand emerged, specializing in Casual textiles. New collections are launched every year, innovating in products and materials, becoming a benchmark in the international market.

A few years later, Roly Sport was born, a brand focused on the field of sports, launching on the market different types of models for the practice of sports. Roly produces its models with new fabrics and technical improvements, to offer the best benefits.

Subsequently, being aware of climate change, Roly launches on the market a series of organic products. Garments made with fabrics of ecological, organic and recycled origin that help sustainability, care for our surroundings and the environment.

In 2020, the disruption arrives at Gorfactory with the launch of the Stamina brand, outside the textile field. Stamina is focused on the promotional and gift sector, currently having more than 800 references.

Stamina has a great selection of promotional items that will effectively capture the attention and promote the brand of customers.

In 2022, Roly Workwear comes onto the market. A brand focused on work textiles and uniforms for companies, offering a wide variety of solutions in workwear. Versatile garments, designed for work, which comply with all current requirements and regulations. In addition, a specific catalogue for this market was launched.

Finally, we must highlight the Made to Order service, based on the custom production of any type of garment. The objective is to offer differential products to the client, who just needs to indicate us what he/she needs and the Made to Order department takes care of the rest.