Gor Factory | Quality Control
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Quality Control

GORFACTORY carry out a strict production quality control which starts at the very begining of the production process, continues at the reception of the goods in our facilities, and finish with the satisfaction of our client.

Production process

GORFACTORY uses in their production processes certified raw materials that do not contain harmful substances, and comply with the respect to the environment during production process contributing to the efficient use of natural resources and a high level of environmental protection. The ecological criteria that correspond to our cotton t-shirts are the result of scientific studies and extensive cosultations with different social and economic agents.

Reception of the goods after production process for stock and customer service

GORFACTORY has implemented a comprehensive quality control system, pre-positioning and registration of good in our stock. Only after approval the quality level of the goods, the new stock is introduced into the system. This quality control allows us to detect any mistake during our first control, and thereby separate it in order not to reach the client. These goods are then offered to our clients with an appropriate price due to its differences of production and of course, with the right information of the new characteristics. We make a continued effort to maintain our Quality standards, because we know that our customers expect that our product, as a competitive advantage and differentiating characteristic, has higher quality which remains invariant in time.

A socially responsible process

As members of SEDEX, we have overcome successfully the audit SMETA 4 PILLARS, which certifies that we are a socially responsible company in the totality of our supply chain: relationship with retailers, suppliers, employees … 4 pillars of the audit are health and safety, labor procedure, environment and managerial ethics.