Gor Factory | Quality, environment and safety policy
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Quality, environment and safety policy

Quality, environment and safety policy


At GORFACTORY, S.A. we consider the Internal Management and Organisation Systems to be a fundamental element in an increasingly competitive environment where clients continuously raise their demands for the products they request.


As an SME company immersed in a period expansion and, in order to be profitable and competitive, we understand that out strong point in the market shouldn’t only be focused on the price factor, but mainly on quality and continuously broadening our range.


We seek to ensure uniform quality in the elaborated products and also to minimise the environmental impact caused by our activity, guaranteeing our clients total requirement and/or specification satisfaction.

With the aim of guaranteeing the quality of our services and the correct environmental management of the company, an integrated quality, environmental and health and safety management system has been implemented as per Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 documenting our activities in such a way that all of our personnel know their functions and responsibilities and can have easy access to consult any doubt in the work process.


GORFACTORY, S.A. considers its employees to be its most important asset and the company’s priority is to maintain good Health and Safety work conditions, as well as to keep personnel motivated and committed to the implemented Management Systems. Therefore, Occupational Risk Prevention is a core part of its activities and the decisions it takes.


GORFACTORY, S.A.’s Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Policy determines the principles on which it bases its actions and decisions regarding internal management.

  • To involve all members of the organisation in the development and continuous improvement of the Management System, making them participants in its maintenance.
  • To comply with the sector’s current legislation and standards and other requirements that the organisation subscribes to, ensuring they are updated and in line with the activities carried out. The company assumes the commitment to reach a high standard of Health and Safety in the workplace, exceeding the minimums demanded by current legislation.
  • To create a culture within the organisation that allows us to anticipate our clients’ needs, detecting incidents and attending to their needs and claims by assuming the satisfaction of their expectations as our main goal.
  • To raise awareness and involve all of the organisation’s personnel, contractors and suppliers in the prevention of contamination and the reduction in consumption and generated waste, and in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health by making them aware of their obligations regarding Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • To integrate the environmental and work health factors into the planning of new processes and in the modification of existing ones.
  • To set out goals and targets regarding quality, the environment and Health and Safety and to ensure attaining them through planning and providing the necessary resources with the aim of continuous improvement within our organisation.
  • To efficiently assign functions and responsibilities to our personnel, providing them with the technical and economic means that are required to carry out their work efficiently.
  • To guarantee employee consultation and participation and the training and information that they need.
  • To provide personnel with the specific, initial and continuous training required in order to guarantee that they carry out their work suitably and to provide them with the required technical means.
  • Alle erforderlichen Maßnahmen durchführen, um die Gefahren zu beseitigen und die Risiken für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit zu verringern.